Residential Window Cleaning

The condition of the windows in your home says a lot. If they look amazing, friends, family, and passers-by will thinkwindow cleaning building“Now there’s someone who cares.” If not, well, they may think other things. It’s time to make a great impression on everyone in your neighborhood.

It’s time to get professional window cleaning services for your home from Shine!

Shine Window Cleaning has been restoring the look of residential windows in the Stratford, ON area since 1995. In all that time, we have evolved and perfected our methods to give you the most amazing residential services at the very best value. We have the tools, capabilities, and service experience to meet and exceed your unique expectations, and deliver a window cleaning that’s above the industry standard.

Our company works with residential windows of all kinds, and cleans both the interior and exterior sections. When working with delicate windows, like stained glass, we’re always sure to be gentle and hand clean everything with soft cloths, and other specialty products to ensure safety and preservation.

Most of the homeowners we help need to reach their high windows, but won’t risk climbing on the ladder. That’s where we really SHINE! We have a dual action 52-foot pole washing system that can handle almost any job, and we take the time to remove and restore all storm windows. We work with homeowners in Stratford, Mitchell, Woodstock, Perth, Oxford, Grey, Bruce, Wellington, and Huron counties, and our results are second-to-none.

For more information about Shine Window Cleaning, or to schedule your personalized FREE estimate, please call us at 519-273-4578.