Expert Vinyl Cleaning

Your vinyl siding is susceptible to the elements. If it does not get sun, it may grow mold. If it grows mold, it looks unsightly, old, and worn. Not to mention, the mold will continue until you have to replace it. And, that is just one of the pitfalls of unclean vinyl.

Put an end to your worries, and let Shine Window Cleaning make it like new again!

Our professional vinyl cleaning services are well-known throughout Ontario, and will keep the vinyl on your home or business looking great. What is our secret? It’s called the “Shine Solution.”

Our company uses brushes to remove the surface dirt and stains. Depending on how dirty things become, and how large the project is, we will utilize all our employees to give you fast, efficient, long-lasting services in a matter of hours. At most, we may be on your property for 6 hours, and make everything look and feel spotless!

Best of all, our services aren’t simply relegated to just siding. Shine Window Cleaning also cleans frames, eavestroughs, fascia, soffits, shutters, and so much more. You can always count on Shine Window Cleaning to deliver the most impressive results and value. That is our service guarantee to you.

For more information about Shine Window Cleaning, or to schedule your personalized FREE estimate, please call us at 519-273-4578.