We would like to say “thank you” to MacLeod’s Scottish Shop as recipients of this week’s “Customer Appreciation” Coffee.

We have been in a business relationship with the Russells since August of 2004; an almost 16 year association with Rob, Joanne and the staff from MacLeod’s Scottish Shop. Located at 80 Ontario Street in Stratford, stop in, say “hi” and see all of your authentic Scottish needs including family tartans. Thank you to the Russells for the great connection we have had over the years.

SHINE’S “SHOUT OUT OF THE WEEK”: To the Tim Horton’s locations at 429 Huron Street in Stratford and 235 Ontario Road in Mitchell. We have been in association with Cheryl and Mark Moore and Megan Adair for over 16 years servicing their window cleaning needs. On your way to work and the office, don’t forget to veer off the highway and get your coffee at the above Tim Horton’s locations. Never have we experienced people as pleasant and courteous as the Moores and Megan!! And don’t forget the donuts either!!!